Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fiber optic installation for REDTONE - Penang

Our team has completed the fiber optic indoor installation for REDTONE @ Menara Boustead, Penang recently in August 2010. The scope of work including supply and install fiber optic cable from rooftop down to their clients / POP office.

1. Pulling the fiber cable into one of the last-mile fiber termination point

2. Proper piping required to avoid the fiber cable bending during installation by other contractors in the near future

3. Securing tie the cable onto the existing overhead open truncking

4. Ensure the cable conduit is well tagging to avoid misunderstanding in future

5. Terminate the fiber cable with pigtails with fusion splicing method

6. Perform the optical testing using OTDR to confirm its link status

7. One of the last-mile fiber termination point completed

8. The main rack completed with fiber connectivity and its media converter

Fiber network investigation and audit

Our company provides various kind of fiber optic engineering services which include fiber installation, splicing and jointing, network  maintenance and also the fiber network fault investigation and audit. On 4th August 2010, we attend and visit one of fiber optic network faulty site at TUDM Shah Alam after receiving instruction from our client. One of their fiber optic network connectivity failed.

1. Investigate all the fiber network connectivity elements inside the rack

2. Test the optical fiber with industrial OTDR and get the length distance

3. Don't forget to inspect the SFP module to confirm its functionality. Working SFP module shall transmit signal on Tx port

4. Inspect the patchcord, adaptor, splicing point, etc

5. Measure the distance shown in the OTDR and open the suspected manhole

6. Confirm the exact size of the cable diameter since there are few cables running inside the same manhole

7. Gotcha ! The fiber optic cable bending and give substantial loss where the signal could not go through

HSBB Job Continue - Termination at FDC

Hi to all fellow readers,
We are apologized for unable to keep regular updates on our blog since the last day we celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Thanks to all response given so far from all over Malaysia and oversea.

Just after the holiday break during Hari Raya Aidilfitri, most our our daily fiber optic jobs have been packed with some of our clients book our services during Ramadhan season. We highlight one of HSBB jobs at Jalan Kebun, Shah Alam; Scheme C018:

1. Carefully attached the fiber pigtails to the splitter slot modules

2. Close-up on pigtails arrangement inside the FDC - Fiber Distribution Cabinet

3. The loose tubes of fiber cable need to be insert into the correct splicing tray accordingly

4. The preparation of the FDC completed with five cables and ready to splice