Saturday, November 16, 2013


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We would like to announce to all visitors that we are currently moving another stage by getting all the items that we sell through online e-commerce channel. Thanks to our partner

You may purchase directly via this

To find us on this website, just type "FIBER OPTIC" and click SEARCH

We shall update to you back once all the items are updated. In the meantime, you may contact us directly at / 013-488 2800


Monday, November 4, 2013

Year End Sale : Promotional Offer For Sumitomo FC-7R Automatic Blade Rotation Fiber Cleaver

Year End Sale

We have extra 5 unit Sumitomo FC-7R Fiber Cleaver for stock clearance. The advantage of this Sumitomo FC-7R are :

    1. Handheld Operation (one hand operation), easy for handle fiber especially when you use it for Unifi
        or mechanical termination.

    2. Auto Rotation Blade without worry of blade adjustment at site for maximum performance

    3. Fiber Collector Box is available for excess fiber collection

We bet you will never get the similar offer price anywhere.

Final lowest price offer : RM 3, 700.00 NETT

Any inquiry please email to

013 - 488 2800 (Asrul)

Year End Sale : Promotional Offer For PON Power Meter Aitelong SAT-7E

Year End Sale

This powerful and a very useful tool in deploying Unifi installation or any other fiber optic commissioning testing, the PON Power Meter can synchronously measure voice, data and video signal on BPON / EPON / GPON framework. It has built in storage which can store up to 99 testing and data can be download into PC via USB cable. Concurrently test all 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm which also come with optical light source port.

Buy 2 unit and you can straight away perform end-to-end optical loss test for all singlemode wavelength required in Unifi testing.

Final lowest price per unit offer : RM 3, 150.00 NETT

Hurry up!! Only two set left during this promotional period.

Any inquiry please email to

013 - 488 2800 (Asrul)

Year End Sale : Promotional Offer For Palm OTDR Singlemode Aitelong SAT-18C1

Year End Sale

For a limited unit available, we are now opening the final batch offer on Palm OTDR Singlemode (1310nm & 1550nm wavelength) up for grab. Only 8 unit available during this promotional campaign. 

Final lowest ever price offer : RM 7, 520.00 NETT 

Any inquiry please email to

013 - 488 2800 (Asrul)

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Our company has just invested a new technology for FTTH and microduct fiber optic installation service by acquiring a new "Micro Blowing Machine From Kosmak (Turkey)". This machine is fully customized for our local Malaysia installation environment where the manufacturer from Kosmak claimed that our machine is the first of its kind in the world!

As old traditional micro blowing method practized, usually operator need to bring large air compressor which always gave a very loud noise during installation. And our machine is fully custom to allow the portable nitrogen gas to blow its high pressure air during installation. As the result, we can install the fiber optic micro cable into microduct within small working area, inside building or anywhere.

Front view of Kosmak Micro Blowing Machine

Top view

Rear view

Zoom view

We are providing micro blowing services Malaysia nationwide and we welcome all inquiry regarding this new services from Soul Communication Sdn Bhd.

For sure, we will provide a very attractive pricing per meter for all micro blowing cable installation.

Please drop your inquiry to

013 - 488 2800 (Asrul)


Coming this November 2013, we are having a complete stock clearance sales for our current fiber optic cable stock. We have fiber cable range from 6 cores up to 24 cores for clearance. Price offer ? Please scroll down and you will not find the "Super Crazy Price Sales" anywhere in Malaysia.

Hurry up!! Our offer valid while stock last only.

Current in-house stock available at our store

Singlemode and multimode outdoor type cable with armoured

Singlemode indoor type with aramid yarn

Multimode indoor type with aramid yarn


1. Singlemode 6 core   = RM 5.42 / meter
2. Singlemode 12 core = RM 6.74 / meter
3. Multimode 6 core    = RM 5.95 / meter
4. Multimode 12 core  = RM 7.92 / meter

1. Singlemode 2 core FTTH round type  = RM 1.77 / meter 
2. Singlemode 6 core   = RM 5.02 / meter
3. Singlemode 12 core = RM 6.17 / meter
4. Singlemode 24 core = RM 8.02 / meter
5. Multimode 6 core    = RM 5.67 / meter
6. Multimode 12 core  = RM 6.70 / meter

Please drop all your inquiry to us at
013 - 488 2800 (Asrul)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Sharing some activities photos done by our team, Soul Communication Sdn Bhd. These are parts of our maintenance activities under maintenance support for Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd

1. After performing the sonde test to locate missing manhole, the ground level need to be excavated

2. Excavate until found the manhole cover

3. Continue excavating to open space for raised up area

4. Continue excavating

5. Prepare the area before removing the manhole cover

6. After removing the cover, remove the manhole frame / collar

7. Arrange the brick and sealed with concrete until desired level achieved

8. Install back the manhole frame / collar and cover

9. Sealed around the manhole frame and cover with concrete

10. Continue sealed the area with concrete

11. Manhole raised up done!

Soul Communication Sdn Bhd / 013-488 200

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

3G / HD -SDI Video Converter From FH-NET

After our entry on previous HD-SDI product, we received few emails from visitors who keen to know more about this latest technology development in CCTV business area. Before we introduce another new video converter from FH-NET (which is also one of our principal manufacturer), we would like to share some quick brief on what is HD-SDI is all about.

In normal CCTV installation for home and commercial areas, the video signal is compressed into several types of video format :

1. Motion JPEG - very popular compression format  (video quality not smooth)
2. MPEG-4        - 300% more efficient compared to Motion JPEG
3. H.264             - 100% better than MPEG-4

However, as the CCTV technologies move on, it nowadays used the standard industrial live broadcast video quality. Below is a short video in explaining the comparison from traditional CCTV video quality to this new HD-SDI technology

As we can see, the video transmit via HD-SDI is actually uncompressed broadcast-grade HD video signal. The HD-SDI stands for "High Definition - Serial Digital Interface". In most CCTV case for Malaysia environment, it usually used the standard of SMPTE 292M. The bandwidth transmit is up to 1.485 Gbps.

However, in certain case, the 3G-SDI standard also be used and defined in the SMPTE 424M. The word "3G" actually refer as 3 Gbps and this 3G-SDI standard may replace the HD-SDI in the near future.


Interested contractors involved in this new CCTV technology are invited to inquiry to us for more details. / 013 - 488 2800

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

HD-SDI uni-directional fiber optic transmitter and receiver

In this entry, we would like to introduce our new line-up product for CCTV sectors. Common CCTV projects for standard analog CCTV camera are using "Fiber Video Transceiver" which comes in 1 / 4  / 8 / 16 ports fiber converter.

Nowadays, Malaysia local councils such as Majlis Perbandaran and Dewan Bandaraya are moving into a new surveillance CCTV projects which involved a high definition video broadcast quality using HD-SDI video format.

This new technology development in CCTV surveillance Malaysia will definitely improve the video quality in combating crimes where the recorded videos are in High Definition (HD) format. The quality is 100% similar to live broadcast video quality with large bandwidth of 1.485 Gb/s.

Introducing our new lineup product from "Beijing HCSTCOM" with 1 year warranty.

We supplied the HD-SDI fiber optic transceiver in 1 channel , 2 channel and 4 channel. Interested parties involved in this new technology development can contact us for price inquiry. / 013 - 488 2800 (Asrul)


Thanks for all your value sales order for our current sales promotion in September. We taking a short break early this month to complete the installation services including the material supplies for a new "Green Development" project happened at TPM, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

In short definition, a "Greenfield" project is where a new commercial and housing projects pre-installed with fiber optic infrastructure and ready for FTTH services. Once the CF received by the owners / tenants, they can subscribe to any telcos for FTTH services (such as Unifi, Maxis Fiber, TimeFiber, etc) provided that these telcos got hook-up their network to the building / house.

It is really a new development here in Malaysia where the similar project we got completed in Sungai Petani, Kedah (a new housing scheme "Cinta Sayang Resort Villas") earlier this year.

Our company do provide technical consultation to those developers and consultants whose parties involved in this "Greenfield" projects. Our service include network design, product supply, installation, splicing and testing.

Interested parties can contact us at / 013 - 488 2800 (Asrul)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fujikura FSM 80S Fusion Splicing Machine

September 2013 : Promotion No 2

Limited promotion until 30-September-2013 only

Soul Communication Sdn Bhd
013- 488 2800

Sumitomo Z1C Fusion Splicing Machine

September 2013 : Promotion No 1

Limited promotion until 30-September-2013 only

Soul Communication Sdn Bhd
013- 488 2800