Monday, January 16, 2012


As some people said, set the target dateline for civil work much depends on the existing site conditions. Beside that, it also depends on the weather. It is really a tough job when we undertook the job at Bagan Serai, Perak when all the target dateline is before 31-Dec-2011.

Below are some photos to share with our visitors, which keep visit our blog since the day we build this site.

Starting point for trenching work

Trenching work in progress. Some live cables buried underground and hence slow the trenching work

Start pulling the HDPE sub-duct along the trenching work

Straightening the HDPE duct

Install the HDPE duct and closed the trenching line

Need to divert the ducting route to the next point

Heavy rain earlier made the site become poor for trenching

Pump out the water along the trenching line

Movement become slower due to soil condition

Tough job to close this project. However, we managed to complete it within the target dateline


Year 2011 brings a lot of memorable and joyful for Soulcomm. We have not much time for updating our blog due to a lot of jobs obtained from various industry. At , Soulcomm, we provide total network solutions, starting from design, survey, trenching work, HDD, pulling fiber, splicing and maintenance.

Below here we share on one of the project which carried out in December 2011. This job was done at Taman Puteri Jaya, Sungai Petani, Kedah

Perform HDD work for 1 way PN10

The HDD starting point for boring the HDD rod

HDD machinery at site

Civil trenching along the Petronas Gas pipeline

Trenching works completed

Install warning tape 1 feet below soil level

Install new JRC7 manhole pre-cast

Install plate B at incoming duct for 3 way sub-duct

Built joint box mix on site

Rod standard duct

Site clearance. Job done !!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


"Umbilical", for some people are referring to birth cord which is the connecting cord from developing embryo to the placenta. But what about the "UMBILICAL CABLE"?

In Telecommunication industry, the umbilical cable is highly used in offshore application where it is installed buried under seawater to connect between offshore platform to FPSO. Maybe it's a new jargon word here; FPSO is refer to "Floating Production Storage & Offloading". It's like a ship without engine. It just a floating storage.

Never mind, as this is something related to oil and gas industry. We would like to share some photos of example on what is "Umbilical Cable" is all about.

In simply understanding, in Telecommunication practice at offshore plant, the following elements can be combined into single cable structure :
1. Hydraulic line
2. Chemical injection line
3. Gas lift line
4. Electrical signal cable
5. Fiber optic cable

We will share with you on our new coming project potential of umbilical cable, which schedule at Terengganu / Kelantan offshore sometime in Jan / Feb 2012. Before we left this entry, just take a look on how FPSO is looks like:

FPSO : Floating Production Storage & Offloading

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Hi to all readers. It's been very exciting year in 2011, where our company obtained a lot of projects from both private and government sectors. Hope year 2012 will bring more business prospects to our team and we are currently looking into business expansion in Ipoh, Perak and Negeri Sembilan.

Through this entry, we would like to share with you on our newly occupied sonde locator "RD7000" from Radio Detection. This job was done for Maxis Broadband where we locate the existing duct alignment at Bidor, Perak since the Lembaga Air Perak (LAP) is doing cross pipe-jacking to Maxis fiber optic cable

1. Using S18B small sonde 33kHz, this using will continuously transmit the signal underground

2. Clamp the sonde to standard cable rod and push it to the desired location

3. Start locate using RD7000 transceiver on the ground to detect the 33kHz signal

4. Visibly marked the duct alignment on the ground

5. We pegged the alignment using standard pegging wood

6. Example of pegging wood and tied up with barricade tape

7. We also expert in identify and locating the missing manhole cover

8. The missing buried manhole cover finally found