Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Knowledge Part 1: Basic understanding of fiber optic

This topic might be a little bit serious to some readers, but we promise our explanation will be simple and yet interesting. We explain the this topic with points for easy understanding.

1. "Fiber Optic" as the word suggested, is a combination of "Fiber" and "Optic"

2. Fiber is widely know made from glass, or in correct term made from "silica dioxide (SiO2)". This silica was extracted from special selected sand. That's why some people said "fiber optic is cheaper than copper"

3. Optic is a branch of physics which describe the behavior and properties of light. The fiber optic technology   utilised this light characteristic and behavior in transmitting the light via the fiber

So do you get the idea of how the fiber optic concept so far? We will keep you update later and in the mean time, these three (3) information should be a kick-off our knowledge sharing information with readers

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

High Speed Broadband (HSBB) Installation at Jln Kebun, Shah Alam

Our team has done fiber splicing and termination for TM HSBB at Jln Kebun, Shah Alam in April - June 2010

Civil work for supply and install plinth for pedestal

Snapshot on top of concrete plinth for pedestal

Installation of pedestal inside the plinth

      Setting up cable and marking for intermediate cable stripping

         Opening up the fiber optic cable ( for intermediate cable stripping)

     Setting up the prepared cable into the pedestal's distribution panel (DP)

       Coiling excessive loose tube cable inside the DP

        Fiber termination to pigtails completed and coiled inside splicing tray

High Speed Broadband (HSBB) Installation at USJ, Kuala Lumpur

We have completed three (3) scheme for TM HSBB for USJ area sometimes around Jan-March 2010

Securing fiber optic dark fiber inside tray

Preparing the cable end and ready for splicing

      Splicing and jointing works in progress

Snapshot of TM's Distribution Panel (DP) for poles

                                           Splicing completed and securing the splicing tray

Completed installation of Pole's DP

Installation of pole's DP on top of concrete pole

                              Completed underground jointing closure clamped on concrete's wall

Monday, June 28, 2010

High Speed Broadband (HSBB) Installation at Bukit Minyak, Penang

Our team had completed the final testing with Telekom Malaysia (TM) for the commissioning of HSBB for industrial area at Bukit Minyak, near Juru, Penang
Below are some photos during fiber installation and splicing works

Installation of corrugated sub-duct

               Site preparation for splicing optic jointing : De-watering water out from manhole

       Fiber jointing completed with loose tube arrangement inside Fujikura closure

Snapshot inside the Fujikura cabinet for HSBB scheme

Preparation of cable end inside the cabinet

Installation of corrugated sub-duct

Fiber Optic Concept Store

Hi, It's good news for those who is not knowing about our first fiber optic concept store which already opened in northern part of Malaysia, Kedah. You can come and visit our showroom from Monday - Friday (9am till 6pm).

Here you can get a lot of information including pricing of fiber optic products which include:
1. Fiber optic singlemode and multimode cable
2. Various type of fiber patchcord singlemode and multimode
3. Fiber optic pigtails singlemode and multimode
4. Fiber patch panel
5. Fiber termination box
6. Fiber media converter
7. Outdoor fiber enclosure / closure
8. Fiber optic termination kits
9. Various OTDR , splicing machine, light source, power meter, talkset, identifier, visual fault locator from Japanese and Canada brands such as Fitel, Sumitomo, Anritsu, HP, Yokogawa, JDSU and EXFO

Please come and visit.

Fiber Optic Concept Store
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Taman Tuanku Haminah,
08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah

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