Sunday, July 18, 2010

Knowledge Part 3 : Good & Bad Splicing

Most fiber technicians or some people called it "Fiber Jointer" can performed a good splicing which resulting low splicing loss. But even we can splice with 0.01 dB loss or without any losses, technicians must ensure the fiber coiling inside the splicing trays are properly arranged.

 Photo 1 : Arrange fiber properly inside the splice tray

Photo 2 : Carefully place the fiber / pigtail orderly

 Photo 3 : Bad arrangement of fiber patchcord during patching

 Photo 4 : Another example of bad arrangement of fiber patchcord

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Installation of pedestal plinth @ Jln Kebun, Shah Alam

The installation of HSBB for Jln Kebun, Shah Alam was completed for some schemes in April 2010

1. Pre-cast concrete plinth mobilise to site

2. Hacking existing concrete foundation and a make rectangle hole

3. Wall coring on existing manhole to allow for 2 way PVC long bend pipes

4. Plastering the plinth and existing manhole and let it dried first

5. A snapshot of completed plinth for pedestal

6. Drill the concrete to allow for 2 unit steel wall plug

7. Installation of pedestal onto the plinth and prepare for termination

8. Works completed

Knowledge Part 2 : Type of fiber optic cable

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During last "Knowledge Part 1", we explained in very brief on what is fiber optic is all about.
In this entry, we will discuss on the type of fiber optic cables which largely used in installation, either indoor or outdoor.

In market nowadays, there are a lot of indoor cable types which clients could choose. Please don't make assumption that, the armoured fiber optic cable is only for outdoor application as this theory does not make sense today. Armoured cable comes with additional protection features which the fiber extra-protected by corrugated steel tape (blue or green color) to avoid the cable from being bitten by pesticide animal.

In most cases, the cable was bitten by rats even the cabling was installed inside the building's trunking.
Opss sorry maybe we made a long written entry here. So let's view the sample photo of the type for indoor fiber optic cable below:

1. Breakout indoor fiber optic cable

2. Distribution indoor fiber optic cable

3. Loose tube indoor fiber optic cable

4. GYXTW armoured indoor fiber optic cable

5. Flat duplex indoor fiber optic cable

So now let us see the type for outdoor cable:

1. Aerial loose tube outdoor fiber optic cable

2. Double layer armoured loose tube outdoor fiber optic cable

There are a lot of outdoor fiber optic cable types to be listed, but two main criterias differentiate were either loose tube or slotted.

 Now we already discover two main topics and in the mean time, let us take a break first

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fiber splicing work for cabinet @ Padang Serai

The scope of work including underground jointing, termination to cabinet and end to end fiber testing

Hacking existing manhole which protected with concrete slab

Manhole de-watering. Pump out water from manhole

Splicing activity for underground jointing

Preparing the concrete mixing to re-making concrete slab for manhole

Working in enjoyably mood

Concrete slab for manhole completed. Manhole cover now protected from vandalism

Fiber optic civil work @ Pinang Tunggal

The team completed the underground fiber installation within three (3) days; trenching, install 1 way HDPE 40mm, pulling fiber cable into duct, clamping pipe onto bridge

Pilot hole exposing underground utilities

Existing utilities exposed. This process is to secure any untoward damaged before trenching

Installation pipe into underground trenching

Clamping pipe to the bridge

Trenching work in progress

Snapshot on site trenching

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) @ Sg Duri, Penang

The team has completed the HDD for several location along Petronas Gas Berhad (PGB) reserved land
  HDD works for installation of 1 way PN10 underground

Snapshot on progress work of HDD 

Pulling 3 way corrugated sub-duct into new installed HDD pipe PN10