Sunday, August 8, 2010

Knowledge Part 4 : Fiber termination for FTTH

Hi to all readers.
We are proud that our little blog has received visitors from nine (9) countries including ours; Malaysia.
We always treat our blog as a knowledge platform to share with all readers out there. In this part 4, we would like to share on our experience involving in Fiber-To-The-Home termination works.

In Malaysia, this FTTH project was lead by our giant telco company, Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM).
Below are step-by-step in performing fiber termination work for outdoor distribution panel.

Step 1 : Cutting the outer jacket of fiber optic cable

Step 2 : Remove the outer jacket of fiber optic cable

Step 3 : Pulling out the nylon rope inside the cable to the desired length

Step 4 : Pulling out the loose tube through the nylon rope line

Step 5 : Cutting out the strength member

Step 6 : Clean up the loose tube using approved cleaner and tissues

Step 7 : Put the cable end to the desired incoming cable port

Step 8 : Lock the cable and strength member with screw

Step 9 : Coil the unused / spare loose tube first

Step 10 : Strip the loose tube using the tube cutter

Step 11 : Pull out the loose tube and clean up the dark fiber

Step 12 : Setting up the dark fiber and pigtail using fusion splicing machine and splice

Step 13 : After splicing done, coil the excess dark fiber on the tray

Step 14 : Fiber termination work done and lock the distribution panel properly

Step 15 : Bring up the panel to the pole location

Step 16 : Terminate the panel using stainless steel tie onto the pole

Step 17 : Coil the cable and tie it with jubilee clip. It's done!


  1. look like easy but must be carefully.. i think..

  2. Soul Communication Sdn BhdAugust 13, 2010 at 9:49 AM

    Fiber splicing for HSBB required extra carefulness as Telekom always stringent on splicing loss.

    The HSBB designed by Telekom was based on fiber-shared connection; 1 single fiber core can be shared up to 64 fibers via splitter

  3. hye, any idea for unifi installation? i hv problem to find cabling used..3m wiring, corning cable system, verticasa cabling solution,...
    where to find it????