Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This unit has been sold to our clients 2 units for last month (February). Due to several clients demand, we put the photos of the package included in the price. We will maintain the price of RM29, 999.00 until end of March 2011. After that, the price will be back at normal price RM31,999.00.
1. Side view of the hard carrying case

2. Front view of the hard carrying case

3. Top view of the package

4. The splicing machine body - FSM-60S

5. The view inside the splicing machine. Single core alignment unit

6. The original cleaver Fujikura complete with its storage box

7. Supplied with CD operating manual

8. Free of charge - fiber stripper (Made in India)

9. The battery pack - original BTR-08

10. The battery charger - original ADC-13

Hurry up. Book and order now. Offer price of RM 29,999.00 remain until end of March 2011.


  1. hi i would like to purchase 1 unit, what is the price now? and how long is the warranty? any training provided?

  2. Salam En Nazrul.
    The product price has gone increased a little bit due to USD -> RM changing tremendously since our first posting about this. We can accomodate the best price of RM32,199 nett.

    Please do contact me directly at asrul@soulcommunication.com.my

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  4. salam..asrul can u email me the cotation of this product (FUJIKURA FSM-60S SPLICING MACHINE)...what is the price now???mrachokz@gmail.com