Saturday, October 15, 2011


Hi to all readers. Apologies from us for not updating this blog. Since August until today, our team received a lot of site jobs booked until end to this year. The increasing value of USD against MYR has gave a lot of cost-price escalation which we have no choice, but to adjust several our product lines.

To date, we have supplied 11 units of Fujikura FSM-60S splicing machine to our clients. Some order came as far from Melaka. However, it is highly important to note that due to USD currency cost increasing, we have to adjust the earlier price to RM32,300 NETT.
We maintained the same package which inclusive of :

1. Arc fusion splicer FSM-60S (FSM-60S)
2. AC adaptor / battery charger (ADC-13)
3. AC power cord (ACC-XX)
4. Spare electrodes (ELCT2-20A)
5. USB cable (USB-01)
6. Quick reference guide (M-60S)
7. Video instruction manual (V-60S-E)
8. Warnings and cautions (W-60-E)
9. Cooling tray (JP-05)
10. DC power cord with alligator clamp (DCC-13)
11. Battery pack (BTR-08)
12. High precision fiber cleaver (CT-30 series)
13. Fiber stripper 

Yes, you will get all these 13 items with our standard package and as appreciation to our clients, we provide additional special offer of 100 pcs sleeve protection 60mm FREE-OF-CHARGE. 

Contact us for details. 
or call us at 013-4882800 (En Asrul)

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