Wednesday, February 1, 2012


In the previous promotion, we supply ANRITSU CMA 500 OLTS at very special discount price (which no one can beat it). And today, we go for more and more CRAZY DEAL EVER !!!

Have you ever heard about PON OTDR? Yes, it was developed by OTDR manufacturers to cater for FTTH project commissioning. And for you online visitors, we are now offering the :


As for most UNIFI installers / contractors, this Anritsu MT9083B is very useful when it comes with tri wavelength OTDR 1310/1490/1550 supports. What's more, this device comes along with built in optical light source and power meter!

Useful in UNIFI installation and testing

Optimized for verifying PON splitter up to 1 x 28 count

The details PDF datasheet is available upon request from clients. And wait, we still not revealing our CRAZY DEAL price. Read below and you will caught your surprise. Only four (4) unit left for this promotion.

RM 36, 400.   NETT
RM26, 900.00 NETT (Only left for 4 unit)

This promotion does not have expiry date. Only four unit available now

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