Thursday, November 15, 2012


Dear visitors,
Have you heard about INNO Instruments splicing machine from Korea? This is the best world known manufacturer for splicing machine. It is well being par with Japan made splicing machine (Fujikura and Fitel) or i may say better than those? We have tested the machine and it's really impressed on its design, technology and the most important is quality.

And the good news for all visitors that you can get this product from us.

There are 4 different types of splicing machines offered by INNO Instrument. As first start-up, let us share with you on the single core alignment splicing machine; Model IFS-10.

And the price ?? 

We are giving out trial order to our valued visitors for a limited stock of 10 unit at very attractive price! Hurry up and do contact us. Only 10 unit we reserved for this introductory price. While stock last!

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