Wednesday, September 18, 2013

3G / HD -SDI Video Converter From FH-NET

After our entry on previous HD-SDI product, we received few emails from visitors who keen to know more about this latest technology development in CCTV business area. Before we introduce another new video converter from FH-NET (which is also one of our principal manufacturer), we would like to share some quick brief on what is HD-SDI is all about.

In normal CCTV installation for home and commercial areas, the video signal is compressed into several types of video format :

1. Motion JPEG - very popular compression format  (video quality not smooth)
2. MPEG-4        - 300% more efficient compared to Motion JPEG
3. H.264             - 100% better than MPEG-4

However, as the CCTV technologies move on, it nowadays used the standard industrial live broadcast video quality. Below is a short video in explaining the comparison from traditional CCTV video quality to this new HD-SDI technology

As we can see, the video transmit via HD-SDI is actually uncompressed broadcast-grade HD video signal. The HD-SDI stands for "High Definition - Serial Digital Interface". In most CCTV case for Malaysia environment, it usually used the standard of SMPTE 292M. The bandwidth transmit is up to 1.485 Gbps.

However, in certain case, the 3G-SDI standard also be used and defined in the SMPTE 424M. The word "3G" actually refer as 3 Gbps and this 3G-SDI standard may replace the HD-SDI in the near future.


Interested contractors involved in this new CCTV technology are invited to inquiry to us for more details. / 013 - 488 2800

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