Thursday, March 12, 2015

PROTOTEK LF2200 - Underground Locating Equipment

Dear to all visitors,
We have been appointed as Malaysia distributor rights for the latest USA technology under brand PROTOTEK. The equipment is fully manufactured by Prototek Corporation in Poulsbo, WA.

Compared to other location equipment, the Prototek LF2200 is the most comprehensive solution and very easy to use it (even for the beginner level technician).

The Prototek LF2200 served the following services :

  1. Detecting the HDD infra or existing underground ducting (PN10, uPVC 109mm, HDPE 40mm) via the sonde solution.
  2. Tracing the existing buried TNB underground cable with alignment and depth reading
  3. Tracing the existing water pipe buried underground
  4. Sniffing a frequency for sonde or transmitter manufactured by others
Video 1 : Locating a sonde

Video 2 : Tracing the underground power cable

Video 3 : Sniffing technology

There are 3 main components with the below specifications for review:

LF2200 Receiver :

Frequency : Sondes at 16Hz, 512Hz and 8KHz with additional two custom "sniffable" sonde settings
Line tracing : 8Hz, 16KHz, 32KHz and 64KHz with additional two custom "sniffable" line tracing settings
Energized power line locating at 50-60 Hz
Output : LCD screen will display Index, Peak locate, Line, Sonde, Track, Power, Sniff and Depth
Depth : - Automatic depth detection up to 25 feet / 7.6 meter (accuracy to 5% of depth)
             - Manual depth determination using on-screen null indicators and simple calculation
Control : 4-way thumb switch for Power on/off, Gain, Screen select, Sniffing activation
Speaker output : variable rate click, headphone jack and also sound can be muted
Power source : 6 AA alkaline batteries
Battery life : 30 - 40 hours (depends on backlight usage)
Operating temperature : -29 to +54 celcius
Weight : 2.7 kg
Size : 81cm x 20cm x 11cm

Blue BuzzBox Transmitter :

Operating mode : conductive and inductive
Frequencies : 8KHz, 16KHz, 32KHz and 64KHz
Power output : 3-watt maximum, "Lo" and "Hi" power for each frequency
Power source : 6 C alkaline batteries 
Battery life : approximate 10 hours continous
Control : Rotary switch "Off" plus 8 frequencies / power selections
Indicators : Low battery LED, "Ground Quality" and current meter
Operating temperature : 0 to 50 celcius
Weight : 2.2 kg
Size : 9.5 inch x 7.5 inch x 4.4 inch

FV-10 Sonde :

Frequency : 512 Hz
Tone type : Beeping or Continuous tone
Power source : 1 AAA alkaline battery
Battery life : 4 hours
Size : 0.75 inch x 3.25 inch
Range : - For cast iron (up to 10 feet)
             - For non-metallic (up to 15 feet)

At Soulcomm, we bundle the Prototek Line Finder LF2200 into a complete package as below :

1 x LF2200 Receiver
1 x Blue BuzzBox Transmitter
1 x FV-10 sonde (512Hz)
1 x Hard carrying case

All inclusive above price is offered at RM 11, 780.00 NETT

Kindly please contact us at / 013-488 2800 (Asrul)

  • Sonde with frequency : 16Hz, 512Hz and 8kHz

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