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In the last entry, we provide the basic information on the difference between Analog and IP camera.
The explanation given much focusing on analog camera. We will go further on IP camera in the coming entry.

However, let us keep continue explanation, in case if you decide to go for Analog camera.

2. Choosing The Right Analog Camera
When buying Analog camera, you must check the specification (usually can be found in the datasheet) for the following information:

1. Pixel  or Effective Pixel 

  • Usually manufacturers print as, for example: 1280 (H) x 720 (V).
  • H means Horizontal line (relate back to previous entry on TVL), V means Vertical line
  • The 720 reflect that the camera is HD camera type.
  • HD camera defines as the camera with 720p or 960p.
  • For camera stated below than 720p, for example: 976 (H) x 496 (V), you need to refer to below table for reference:

  • For our example earlier, the 976 (H) x 496 (V) is felt under 700 TVL.
2. Camera Lens
  • Second thing of specification you need to understand is the camera lens. It measured in milimeter (mm). 
  • The larger size of lens means, the narrow and zoomed in the field of view it can provides.
  • For example, we compare below the lens with 3.6mm vs 12mm and see the comparison :

  • There are 2 types of CCTV camera lens; fixed and variable focal types. Fixed means the lens is static and you cannot adjust the zooming function. For variable focal lens, you can see the difference here:

3. Technology Features
  • There are a plenty of nowadays CCTV camera technology features which sometimes become standard:
  • Digital Wide Dynamic Range (D-WDR), 3D and 2D Digital Noise Reduction (DNR), IR Cut Filter, IR-LED, SRLED, 2-way audio, Auto White Balancing (AWB), built-in SD for backup and many mores.
  • It depends on the CCTV requirement you specify or needed.
4. DVR Support
  • This is the common grey area the customers always forgetting.
  • If you choose Analog Camera with HD 960p, you must ensure that the DVR can support that signal. This would become a problem if you just upgrade the camera, not the DVR

We will keep continue on the next entry for additioal tips. Keep visiting this blog.

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