Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Knowledge Part 1: Basic understanding of fiber optic

This topic might be a little bit serious to some readers, but we promise our explanation will be simple and yet interesting. We explain the this topic with points for easy understanding.

1. "Fiber Optic" as the word suggested, is a combination of "Fiber" and "Optic"

2. Fiber is widely know made from glass, or in correct term made from "silica dioxide (SiO2)". This silica was extracted from special selected sand. That's why some people said "fiber optic is cheaper than copper"

3. Optic is a branch of physics which describe the behavior and properties of light. The fiber optic technology   utilised this light characteristic and behavior in transmitting the light via the fiber

So do you get the idea of how the fiber optic concept so far? We will keep you update later and in the mean time, these three (3) information should be a kick-off our knowledge sharing information with readers


  1. what the difference between fiber and fibre?

  2. Remy / Khairul,
    Actually the word FIBER was used in American english spelling, while the word FIBRE was used in British spelling.

    As for Bahasa, we translate it into "GENTIAN".