Tuesday, June 29, 2010

High Speed Broadband (HSBB) Installation at Jln Kebun, Shah Alam

Our team has done fiber splicing and termination for TM HSBB at Jln Kebun, Shah Alam in April - June 2010

Civil work for supply and install plinth for pedestal

Snapshot on top of concrete plinth for pedestal

Installation of pedestal inside the plinth

      Setting up cable and marking for intermediate cable stripping

         Opening up the fiber optic cable ( for intermediate cable stripping)

     Setting up the prepared cable into the pedestal's distribution panel (DP)

       Coiling excessive loose tube cable inside the DP

        Fiber termination to pigtails completed and coiled inside splicing tray


  1. termination d/side cable to padestal dp. then unifi will install from this green box into ur house if costumer request to used it.