Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fiber cut - Attending breakdown for Maxis

A rescue team was mobilize to attend fiber cut / breakdown last week for Maxis @ Jln Langgar, Kedah.
The network restored back after temporary joint introduced. The cable cut was done by local contractor doing the road upgrading project at Jln Langgar, Kedah

Photo 1 : The 48core cable damaged

Photo 2 : Existing underground infra damaged

Photo 3 : Site preparation for repair

Photo 4 : Preparing the fiber optic closure 

Photo 5 : Close up on closure preparation

Photo 6 : Cable length constraint. Splicing to be perform on the ground

Photo 7 : Securing the damaged area to prevent further incident in near future. 

Temporary fiber splicing done!


  1. bekerja sampai gelap tu... syabas

  2. datang la area lembah klang..Projek HSBB TM da nak start 3rd year..

  3. Remy,
    Actually our team has involved for TM HSBB (Unifi) for Klang Valley since December 2009. We undertook almost nine (9) schemes covered for USJ until Jln Kebun, Shah Alam.

    We lately not taking the TM HSBB job since there are a lot of new coming procedure imposed by Telekom. New procedure will cost more to contractor and the price unit of Telekom remained the same.

  4. Yeah, agree with u..PU price still not revise..i think its capable for 1995-an..civil job is too tough now becoz of increasing in material price..