Sunday, April 17, 2011


Locating missing manhole is really a tedious job. Some cases we found the missing manhole 1.2 meter buried by soil. There is also case where manhole was cover by pedestrian's concrete. And most of the cases, the manhole covered by road bitumen / tar.

Our solution from Soul Communication Sdn Bhd provides quick method locating this missing manhole. And this device was fully imported from oversea and we are solely distributor for this device. It guaranteed the product can detect the manhole cover up to 2.5 meter below the ground level. Come and get it directly from us. No middleman price.

We keep stock for our client.

The package comes with standard aluminium casing

Built with LED for tracing manhole at night

Large LCD screen and result will be shown at screen

Detecting missing manhole at TIME cabin

This complete unit inclusive Energizer alkaline batteries is warranty for one (1) year. 
Price is RM2500 RM1300 Nett

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