Sunday, January 8, 2012


"Umbilical", for some people are referring to birth cord which is the connecting cord from developing embryo to the placenta. But what about the "UMBILICAL CABLE"?

In Telecommunication industry, the umbilical cable is highly used in offshore application where it is installed buried under seawater to connect between offshore platform to FPSO. Maybe it's a new jargon word here; FPSO is refer to "Floating Production Storage & Offloading". It's like a ship without engine. It just a floating storage.

Never mind, as this is something related to oil and gas industry. We would like to share some photos of example on what is "Umbilical Cable" is all about.

In simply understanding, in Telecommunication practice at offshore plant, the following elements can be combined into single cable structure :
1. Hydraulic line
2. Chemical injection line
3. Gas lift line
4. Electrical signal cable
5. Fiber optic cable

We will share with you on our new coming project potential of umbilical cable, which schedule at Terengganu / Kelantan offshore sometime in Jan / Feb 2012. Before we left this entry, just take a look on how FPSO is looks like:

FPSO : Floating Production Storage & Offloading

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