Monday, January 16, 2012


As some people said, set the target dateline for civil work much depends on the existing site conditions. Beside that, it also depends on the weather. It is really a tough job when we undertook the job at Bagan Serai, Perak when all the target dateline is before 31-Dec-2011.

Below are some photos to share with our visitors, which keep visit our blog since the day we build this site.

Starting point for trenching work

Trenching work in progress. Some live cables buried underground and hence slow the trenching work

Start pulling the HDPE sub-duct along the trenching work

Straightening the HDPE duct

Install the HDPE duct and closed the trenching line

Need to divert the ducting route to the next point

Heavy rain earlier made the site become poor for trenching

Pump out the water along the trenching line

Movement become slower due to soil condition

Tough job to close this project. However, we managed to complete it within the target dateline

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