Sunday, July 4, 2010

Knowledge Part 2 : Type of fiber optic cable

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During last "Knowledge Part 1", we explained in very brief on what is fiber optic is all about.
In this entry, we will discuss on the type of fiber optic cables which largely used in installation, either indoor or outdoor.

In market nowadays, there are a lot of indoor cable types which clients could choose. Please don't make assumption that, the armoured fiber optic cable is only for outdoor application as this theory does not make sense today. Armoured cable comes with additional protection features which the fiber extra-protected by corrugated steel tape (blue or green color) to avoid the cable from being bitten by pesticide animal.

In most cases, the cable was bitten by rats even the cabling was installed inside the building's trunking.
Opss sorry maybe we made a long written entry here. So let's view the sample photo of the type for indoor fiber optic cable below:

1. Breakout indoor fiber optic cable

2. Distribution indoor fiber optic cable

3. Loose tube indoor fiber optic cable

4. GYXTW armoured indoor fiber optic cable

5. Flat duplex indoor fiber optic cable

So now let us see the type for outdoor cable:

1. Aerial loose tube outdoor fiber optic cable

2. Double layer armoured loose tube outdoor fiber optic cable

There are a lot of outdoor fiber optic cable types to be listed, but two main criterias differentiate were either loose tube or slotted.

 Now we already discover two main topics and in the mean time, let us take a break first


  1. hmm..still looking for corning cable system, 3m wiring & verticasa cabling solution,,any idea of this? unifi still need more manual/practice..still blur..

  2. A fiber optic cable consists of tubes of glass or plastic fiber which transmit digital data over longer distances and at higher data rates than other forms of wired and wireless communications.

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