Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fiber splicing work for cabinet @ Padang Serai

The scope of work including underground jointing, termination to cabinet and end to end fiber testing

Hacking existing manhole which protected with concrete slab

Manhole de-watering. Pump out water from manhole

Splicing activity for underground jointing

Preparing the concrete mixing to re-making concrete slab for manhole

Working in enjoyably mood

Concrete slab for manhole completed. Manhole cover now protected from vandalism


  1. What do you do if there is a dangerous gas in the manhole?

  2. Thanks Khairul,
    As for the safety measurement, all contractors involved in underground manhole must be equipped with "Gas Detector" unit. The unit will send an alarm sound if the dangerous gases detected.

    Another safety measurement is to install and run air-blower to blow out the gases inside the manhole. However, it much depends on the nature of the jobs at site

  3. the profession of fiber optic representatives is very challenging. It is by no means an easy job, it requires loads of patience.

  4. hmm..pencurik kalo da terdesak, cover m/hole pn nk kn menyusahkan org laen lepas ni buat kerja, terpaksa breaking balik seal konkrit tu..huhu

  5. Remy,
    Actually this preventive measurement imposed by some telco is not a good decision. It will make the contractor to cost more by bringing the tools and taking much time, just to open the manhole.

    We will keep you update on the propose solution from us to all telco in malaysia on how to prevent this vandalism

    Keep follow our blog